haha thai    

Thai cuisine is gaining traction day by day on the international stage. Yet, many do not know that Thai cuisine varies across Thailand. We decided to establish Haha Thai when we first came to experience the unique Southern Thai cuisine. The Southern Thai cuisine is slightly varied from the familiar taste of Thai food found all over Singapore. Southern Thai dishes packs explosive flavours; it is bolder, richer, and more adventurous. At the same time, the unique and precise combination of flavours found in Southern Thai dishes are also enchanting and captivating.


Hence, our logo—Gastronomy Journey. We want you to join us on this new Thai experience. Located at Ngee Ann City (Lvl 5), we now bring the Southern Thai cuisine to Singapore tables. Our chefs are flown in from Southern Thailand, and they are responsible for curating an authentic Southern Thai menu found in our restaurant. Some dishes are made less spicy to cater to the Singaporean palate. However, all dishes still retain the distinctive and characteristic flavours that originate from Southern Thailand.


For a start, we only use Thai fragrant rice for our rice dishes. The long-grain variety is primarily grown in Thailand, and the grains are slightly softer and stickier than other grains. They also offer a sweet aromatic fragrance that complements perfectly with other dishes and condiments. Our seafood is also flown in fresh, directly from wholesale suppliers. Apart from normal Thai fares like fish, prawns, and squid, we also offer lobsters, live crabs, scallops, oysters and mussels. Our chefs ensure that each and every seafood item is of premium quality. Other ingredients are also brought in market-fresh and they go through the same stringent process of quality checks.


Lastly, our special menu items are consistently updated to bring you seasonal items cooked in a Southern Thai style. We ensure that you will have new surprises every time you step into Haha Thai. With this in mind, we once again welcome you to join us on a Gastronomy journey brought to you by Haha Thai. Sawadikap!



Khao hom mali

Thai fragrant rice, which is a long-grain variety of rice that has a sweet aromatic fragrance primarily grown in Thailand.

Khao Hom Mali is more sticky, moist and soft in texture.


Sashimi such as tiger prawn, Salmon, Swordfish used are all at it's finest grade. Freshly flown in.

Swordfish Sashimi is seasonal.

Refreshing drinks

Thai iced thai and all other homemade drinks are all well brewed by our Southern Thailand Chef.

A smooth flavourful texture which satisfy everyone.